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Stephan Sylvester
United Kingdom
Hi Friends. I have been a member for many years now but have not used or been involved in IPA events much until a recent stroll up to the top of Snowdonia. I was a Special in North Wales Police. During that time I did some research and recommendations for changes to policing and structures, much of which have since happened. I accepted a nomination to the police authority which lasted about 7 years. I now work as an engineer and lecturer in electrical engineering. Just looking through stuff on the internet to find that there is much more of the network than I had expected or known. It was never and area I used for search of accommodation or meeting new friends before. Anyway, off to Paris for the week. Will try to meet up with friends there if not too late just for the experience. My accommodation is already sorted thanks. Regards to all.
Jorge Luiz Almeida Cerqueira
Como associar ao IPA?Sou detetive particular no Brasil.Quero manter contato.
Site's Reply: Thank you for your enquiry. Each IPA National Section sets its own membership criteria. You can contact IPA Brazil directly on email: or look on their website, link attached. Kind Regards International Administration Centre
Retired after 30 years in municipal policing in Ontario and will be visiting London England with my husband for a week in September. It appears that that are no IPA houses in that area but would appreciate recommendations for rental of a flat for a week.
Site's Reply: Dear Lisa, Thank you for your enquiry. As you said we do not have any IPA Houses in the UK. Our members do make use of the Union Jack Club ( in London but this is a Hotel as oppose to an apartment. Unfortunately we do not have any deals that we can pass onto you regarding apartment rental in the Capital but could suggest some web sites which may help you. ( ; If you are hoping to meet up with any IPA members whilst in the UK please let us know well in advance and we will put this through our travel procedure. Regards, Michele Rai. (
Agente scelto Cristiano Giambrone, Polizia Locale di Torino
Saluton al ĉiuj! Mi estas ano de la Loka Polico de Torino, en Italio. Antaŭ kelkaj monatoj mi eklernis la internacian lingvon ESPERANTO (lingvo en kiu estas skribita la frazo Servo per Amikeco, per kiu sin prezentas IPA). Eklerninte ĝin, mi tuj konsciis pri tio, ke Esperanto estas tre facila kaj amuze lernebla lingvo. Krome, ĝiaj bazoj estas egaleco kaj lingva demokratio. Fakte, tial ke temas pri neŭtrala lingvo, ĝi permesas al ĉiuj ekiri el tute sama nivelo, sen diskrimacio inter denaske parolantoj de iu aŭ alia lingvo. Mi deziras scii ĉu inter la membroj de IPA troviĝas pluraj kiuj konas Esperanton; tiuokaze, ni povus konsideri la eblecon estigi Esperantistan Sekcion de IPA (tiaj sekcioj jam ekzistas en pluraj internaciaj fakasocioj internaciaj). Konsideru, krome, ke jam dufoje UNESKO deklaris Esperanton taŭga ilo por internaciaj rilatoj. Pri jena mia iniciato estis informita la Internacia Centra Oficejo de IPA, kiu konsilis al mi fari la jenan enketon. La interesitoj bonvolu skribi al jena retadreso: Koran dankon,
United States
I retired from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and then worked for nine years for Homeland Security. I want to visit Dublin, Ireland this year. I need any information on IPA apartment and etc. Need safe places will be traveling with two other women. I live in Mt. Airy, NC small town. If you ever watched the Andy Griffith Show, this is his hometown and the town that the show was based on. If anyone ever visits, just send me an email and will help with any information. If I am in town will give you the full tour.
Site's Reply: Hello Sharon, Full details of the IPA accommodation in Dublin is on this website under the button IPA Houses. Click on search by country, then on Ireland etc. Enjoy your visit. Stephen Crockard, Head of Administration
Hallo liebe Kollegen derzeit selbst in Mnchen zu finden, so, wenn es etwas fr Geselligkeit sind bitte melden
Hi Colleagues, greetings from Hungary! Im looking for native English speaking fellows for practicing my English (eg. from IRL. or UK), and chat about EU, Hungary, borderpolicing, cooking, traditional Hungarian and other foods, etc. I am interested in transfer vacation as well, if you wish to take a summer trip to Hungary. E-mail: KR, Carlo
Ad and Zus Kroon-Jager
Wich IPA member from Denmark like change their house (we prefer North part of Jylland) for about 14 days with our house in the North part of Holland ? We live near the coast in de the northest part of Friesland. We both are "retired" police officers, age 77 and 76. We have no pets. A good idea for this spring or summer ? Many greetings. Ad en Zus.
Luitenant(Ex)Tom Liebenberg
South Africa
Hi I am visiting England in April 2016 to inter alia visit the grave of John Bohnam, drummer of Led Zepplin who died in 1980. The grave is St Michael Churchyard, Rushock,Worcestershire. My wife and I are looking for accommodation for one night in that area. I was a member of SAP's SPECIAL TASK FORCE in the late 70's. Contact me at if someone can accommodate us please.
Sri Lanka
Salutation! I am a life member of IPA Sri-Lanka since 2011 & currently domiciled in Seatttle WA USA. I would like to establish contacts with IPA member community worldwide. e-mail Deepal Eragoda

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