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Joseph Romero Jr.
United States
Since the 1980's, I have been a member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA). Your Esperanto motto "Servo per Amikeco" (Service through Friendship), is an excellent, efficient and effective concept. I congratulate you all. May God Bless you and all your families. God's speed and Good Luck in all future endeavors.
Hello, my name is Sabina, im police in Spain and i will go to visit Iceland the next 20 September with a friend, she is police too. We will be in Reykjavik 26 September and we would like visit central police and can change or buy anything Shield or bracelet from Police. Thanks
Eduardo Balducci
Excelente pagina, soy Policia Federal retirado, como podria ser parte de esta comunidad?? saludos cordiales!!
Site's Reply: Thank you for your interest in joining the International Police Association. You can contact IPA Argentina on for more information, or to apply for membership. GOOGLE translation: Gracias por su interés en unirse a la Asociación Internacional de Policía. Puede contactar a IPA Argentina en para obtener más información, o para solicitar la membresía.
Don Freimark[IPA member]
United States
We[wife and I] will be in Reykjavik,Iceland Oct. 12 and 13th. We would like either a tour of a police station and/drink a few beers in town. Thanks
Site's Reply: You can download information and an international travel form at This can be used to request visits to police facilities and other places of interest, and to make contact with local IPA members in Reykjavik, as well as any other assistance you may require during your visit. I hope you have a very enjoyable trip to Iceland! INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATION CENTRE
Stepehn Crockard
United Kingdom
Dear Friends, if you wish to travel to another country and wish to make contact with the local IPA, please download the Travel Form from this site - Organisation Tab, then International Documents tab, complete it and send it to the relevant section, following the instructions on the form. Kind regards, Stephen Crockard, Head of Administration IPA International Executive Board.
toon Verhoeven
Netherlands (Holland)
dear collega; I come with my wife, sister and brother-in-law 4 weeks to Australia. We arriving on 24 October 2017 in Melbourne City. We Will stay 3 or 4 days in Melbourne. Do you know a suitable location to stay ? I am many years member of the IPA and work at the policy in the Netherlands. Perhaps you could give us tips ? Cincerely, Toon Verhoeven, Netherlands police
Mark Cavic
United States
Coming to visit Australia to see family and hopefully to meet fellow IPA members.
Jattani Tolosa
Greetings All. I am glad to be part of this global police family. I am intending to use my capacity as a police officer to promote child rights and environental protection in my country, Kenya. Anyone with 💡 idea of how I can go about it in terms of proposal writting and aproaching policy influencer without prejudicing my work. My email address is Servo Per Armikeko
Xavier Fibla
Sorry, I sent to you a message before and I forgott to write my email, which is
Xavier Fibla
My wife and my old daughter will travel to Krakovia the 22th of juny, next week. Could they have a contact from krakovian police in order to feel more save in that country? Regards,

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