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5th IPA RC Split-Dalmatia Sharp Shooting Competition

held in Stobrec, Croatia

Dated 13-06-2017

On the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the IPA Regional Club Split-Dalmatia, the club continues with its ambitious annual plan. Following a series of successful events earlier this year, the Regional Club organised the 5th International Sharp Shooting Competition on 6 May 2017 in Stobreč, Croatia.
The competition attracted 72 competitors, representing 6 IPA sections and 10 IPA clubs. They were joined by representatives from the Ministry of Interior of the Herzegovina-Neretva County, Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the sharp shooters from the Special Police Unit BATT Split, Croatia, the 2nd Police Station Split and the Border Police Station Trilj (Croatia).
The German Section was represented by 2 teams from Stuttgart, Section Slovakia and the Czech Section sent 1 team each, Section Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented by 6 teams, besides the above-mentioned representatives of the Ministry of Interior of the Herzegovina-Neretva County, Mostar. In addition, IPA Montenegro was represented by the IPA Shooter Club, while the Croatian Section was represented by a further 3 teams.
For the teams representing the Ministry of Interior, the IPA RC Bijeljina and the IPA RC Banska Bystrica this marked their first participation in the competition, helping us to spread the idea of the sport gatherings even further, with the final aim of sharing experiences and knowledge, as well as increasing international connections between colleagues working in the same everyday jobs.
Showing high-quality marksmanship and handling of police weapons, all competitors displayed a responsible and disciplined attitude towards the shooting sport’s rules. Winners were awarded in three categories: women, men and teams.
The women’s category included 10 competitors and was won by Jelena Božić from Croatia. Gold and silver were won by Jasmina Halapić and Mila Anić from Bosnia & Herzegovina.
In the men’s competition, Adrian Eliaš, a police officer member from Slovakia won the gold medal. It was Adrian’s first participation with his Slovak team, and the performance of all three Slovak participants highly improved the quality of the tournament. The ranking between the 2nd and 4th place had to be decided by a shoot-out, with Željko Krpan and Stipe Barać from Croatia winning silver and bronze respectively.
As for the team competition, the results showed changes in the ranking in comparison with the previous tournaments, with the team from IPA Montengro, who had won last year’s bronze medal, winning gold this year. The representatives of the IPA RC Western Herzegovina County, Livno (B&H) became silver medallists and last year’s winners IPA RC Zagreb from Croatia won the bronze medal.
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After the competition, the evening was reserved for a dinner and gathering around a table in the hotel Fanat in Split. In a relaxed atmosphere, with the fire arms safe and listening to the Police à Capella band Saint Michael, all participants had a good time and an opportunity to exchange their experiences and enhance their knowledge in the areas common to all of them. Clubs’ souvenirs and memory plaques were exchanged led by a famous journalist and friend of IPA, Sandra Barčot.
The 15th anniversary of the Regional Club and the 5th anniversary of the competition presents an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to all those who are responsible for the success of this project, and our gratitude goes to the Shooting Club Centar Split, to the shooting instructor in the Police Administration Split Dalmatia Mr Joke Matković and to our tireless member Mr Jadranko Rusić.
Special plaques of this 5th tournament were issued to the best competitors, and a ‘gratitude plaque’ was presented to Damir Gabrić, representative of the Split-Dalmatia County, which supported the organisation of the competition. In addition, the Secretary General of IPA Croatia, Željko Turk, who had also competed in the tournament, received a special jubilee competition plaque as a competitor participating in all five competitions so far.
An added value of the competition was the opportunity to establish good working relations and contacts and to be able to share new ideas for future projects in accordance with a motto ‘something for everyone’.

IPA Regional Club Split-Dalmatia, IPA Croatia


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