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International Commissions Members

The International Commissions are supporting bodies of the International Executive Bureau (IEB).  Within their working areas they develop ideas and make recommendations.  The International Commissions are not decision-making bodies and any recommendations made, require the approval of the IEB before being put into effect.

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Each Commission has a member of the International Executive Bureau (IEB) as it's Chairman and consists of at least four members who are only appointed after their nomination has been agreed by their own National Section.

Commission members carry out their duties independently of the interests of their own Sections and for the exclusive good of the International Police Association.


To contact any of the IPA International Commissions, please send your email to the International Administration Centre (IAC)


External Relations Commission (ERC)

- Alecsei GANKIN (Russia)

Alecsei GANKIN (Chairman)


Professional Commission (PC)

- May-Britt RINALDO (Sweden)

May-Britt RINALDO (Chairman PC)


Social Cultural Commission (SCC)

- Gal SHARON (Israel) - Chairman

Gal SHARON (Chairman - ISC)


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