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Founder Arthur Troop


Arthur Troop
Founder - International Police Association

The Association was formed because a police sergeant from Lincolnshire, England, Arthur Troop, wanted to create a channel for friendship and international co-operation amongst police officers. 

Arthur Troop was born on the 15th December 1914, in Lincoln, England, where he spent his childhood and attended local schools. His working life began as a mechanic but quickly he found interest in other things. He studied at Ruskin College, Oxford, for a diploma in Economics and Social Sciences. During this time he also made a 3-year study of Russian history. He was awarded a bursary to visit Moscow and Leningrad in 1934. Thereafter followed a two-year study of agriculture at Avoncroft Agricultural College in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire. 

On 19th June 1936 Arthur joined the Lincolnshire Police where he performed duties in various departments but specialised in traffic. Shortly after the Second World War, Arthur set about the enormous task of founding a World Friendship Organisation for police officers. He had always had a great faith in people talking to each other, rather than fighting and always believed in the positive qualities of friendship. At that time, however, he was regarded as an eccentric and experienced considerable opposition from his Police Chief and the Home Office. 


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