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African Chapter meets in South Africa

Vossie Vos, Chairperson African Chapter

Dated 27-02-2017

The African Chapter of the International Police Association (previously known as the African Task Team) met in Pretoria, South Africa from 9 to 12 February 2017.
The Meeting was attended by all 6 active IPA Sections of Africa with each represented by the following delegates:
- Ms Neo Bodilenyane - Secretary (co-opted)
- Mr Emmanuel Morris - NEC member (co-opted)
- Mr Jared Ojuok - Secretary General
- Mr Kibet Wilhelm - IPA member
- Ms Momosa Hlao - 2nd Vice Pres. – Admin.
- Mr Thato Mokoteli - Secretary General
- Mr Outam Kumar Guness - President
- Mr Gaètan Marie Papillon - Social and Cult. Comm.
South Africa:
- Mr H Vos (Vossie) - AC Chairperson and President
- Ms Tessa Deyzel - AC Secretary and Sec. Gen.
- Mr William Dlamini - 1st Vice President (Dep Comm.)
- Ms Doreen Tsabedze - Secretary General
Gaètan Papillon, Thato Makoteli, Doreen Tsabedze, Neo Bodilenyane, Emmanuel Morris, Momosa Hlao, Jared Ojuok, William Dlamini, Vossie Vos, Tessa Deyzel, Kibet Wilhelm, Outam Kumar Guness
The mandate of the African Chapter is found in the initial Memorandum of the International Secretary General dated 6 June 2012 and entails the following:
  • - Responsible for promoting and recruitment of other African Countries into the IPA
  • - Monitor activities in the various Sections with the intention to promote visibility
  • - Assist other IPA Sections within Africa to promote projects such as the Police Exchange Programmes and National Youth Seminars
  • - Assist with the re-activation of inactive and suspended Section

Discussions during the proceedings were open, frank and transparent with a critical emphasis upon the African Chapter being a conduit in Africa for the promotion of IPA activities across all Sections, but acknowledging that committee decisions will merely be recommendations to Sections and not instructions.

Following in-depth discussions during the meeting, the delegates agreed that in alignment with the original mandate the African Chapter will act collectively to:

  • - Assist and guide Sections in the discharge of its duties relating to the aims and objectives of the IPA across Africa,
  • - Guide and advise Sections pertaining to the continuous review of national IPA constitutions (statutes), rules and other relevant governance principles in order to ensure that they are appropriately aligned to international amendments, the respective national legislation and/or other relevant requirements,
  • - Launch projects directed at marketing the IPA in non-IPA countries in Africa - the aim is to grow IPA in Africa,
  • - Develop a holistic marketing strategy for African Sections,
  • - Improve communication and cultural relations through various initiatives,
  • - Establish sub-committees for specific events/projects,
  • - Develop strategies for fundraising for Chapter activities.

With only six active Sections in Africa, everybody was in agreement that there are great opportunities to grow the Association on the continent – not only within the active Sections, but across all other countries in Africa.

Various initiatives are following and further analysis will be undertaken to promote the IPA in countries where the IPA is still unknown, as well as in those countries where IPA Sections have become dormant.
Funding of such initiatives does, however, remain the most critical dependency for the Chapter in fulfilling its obligation. Sections in Africa do not have the required funding to undertake cross-border initiatives to trigger IPA awareness and re-activation of dormant IPA Sections.
All Sections represented held a strong opinion that as a collective, it will not shy away from the challenges, and that it will do its utmost as a collective to make the IPA light shine across Africa.
The gathering of the various Sections did, however, once again prove that within IPA there are no boundaries regarding race, gender, culture, religion, etc. It was wonderful to experience once more the true spirit of friendship that exists amongst the IPA – irrespective of who we are and where we are from.
The association amongst the delegates was an experience that was second to none – it was truly a few days of work and socialisation that we will all foster forever.
Africa is undoubtedly unique, but within the ranks of the IPA we all share the same IPA motto, aims and objectives.
Friends we are and friends we shall remain for ever.
Servo per Amikeco – Friendly African Greetings to All!
Vossie Vos, Chairperson African Chapter





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