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IPA-IAC: full of little historical treasures

by Elke

Dated 10-08-2017

In view of the Agenda Pack for the World Congress being circulated to all IPA sections at the beginning of July, I thought it would be nice to share a little piece of World Congress history with you:
I’ll take you all the way back to 1986… well, not me personally, as I was still at school then.
In 1986, the 21st IEC took place in Adelaide, Australia.
It certainly looks like a grand event, as golden tickets were handed out for those that wanted to attend the ‘International Police Association Grand Dinner Ball’!
I had to look up what ‘Dress – After Five’ means ( ‘semi-formal’ apparently), but I am sure everyone who participated would have ‘dressed up to the nines’.
Apart from the golden tickets, I simply love the sumptuous menu.
You cannot see this in the photo, but the menu was spread over 3 pages and displayed in detail all 3 courses in the IPA languages at the time: English, French and German, making it possible to combine Boeuff Stroganoff as a starter with Roast Beef as a main course and Apfelkuchen mit Sahne for dessert.
The icing on the cake, so to speak, for me is the autograph card!
What a lovely idea – as it gives the opportunity for each participant of the Dinner Ball to create their own little piece of individual IPA history – by collecting the signatures of the friends that this grand event was shared with joy.
I wish you all a lovely summer, and to those of you attending the World Congress, I hope the gala dinner in Bulgaria will leave as many memories as the 1986 Adelaide ball!



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