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XXIV Conference of the IPA Mediterranean Sections

Chisinau, Moldova

Dated 06-09-2017

The meeting of the Mediterranean sections was held from 1-5 June 2017 in Chišinău, Moldova and was attended by delegates from Moldova, Cyprus, Slovenia, Israel, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Montenegro, San Marino and Monaco.
The meeting was chaired by Section Moldova and conducted by Michael Odysseus, the president of IPA Cyprus.
Dr Eran Israel was appointed as secretary of the meeting, approved by the delegates.
The official opening on 2 June 2017 was attended by Vasile Batcu, president of Section Moldova; Alexandru Jizdan, Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova; Alexey Gankin as representative of the IEB and president of IPA Russia; Michael Odysseus, former international president and co-founder of IPA Moldova as well as Florentin Scaletchi, president of a Human Rights organisation in Romania.
The major goals of the conference were to create an infrastructure for professional discussions, exchange ideas, create international co-operation between close sections and lead professional discussions about the motions that will be presented in the upcoming IPA World Congress. The delegates suggested that the discussions should concentrate on professional issues and not on formalities and procedures.
Communication and media are major issues especially for young police officers and for recruiting new members. In that matter, the delegates exchanged ideas such as: new websites that will appeal to young policemen by adapting them to smartphone- use; new IPA apps; visibility in all areas by posters, advertisements, accessing the recruitment offices, police academies and choosing young IPA members to assist in recruiting; sports activities in police units; social activities for young police officers and much more.
One problem discussed was that the sections having discussions about motions within the NEC or internationally, are experiencing difficulties in the process. 150 days, required at present for motions to the World Congress, is almost half a year before the World Congress. In our opinion, sections need more time and 110 days is deemed sufficient for the IAC.
The hosting of Section Moldova was outstanding.
Thanks to IPA Moldova for their warm and friendly welcome!
We will all meet in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2018 for the next meeting of the IPA Mediterranean sections.
If you would like to see more about the conference, you are welcome to follow the link: Med Sections Mtg 2017

Eran Israel, Secretary General IPA Israel



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